by Allure
Fine Lingerie
Fine lingerie is not just about how it will make a lady look - It is more
about how it will make her feel about herself.

These scented little
sachets are available
exclusively at Princesse
Tam-Tam and Allure

Put one in your linen or
lingerie drawer to give a
delightfully clean and
fresh scent; or to some
guy to hand from is
rear-view mirror as a
"naughty" air freshener
or intimate reminder.  
Many cute uses as a gift
of for yourself.  In
several tropical and
floral scents.
Only $13.75
Also available by mail
The finest brands of the best lingerie from around the world are all together in one - and
only one - place in Hawaii.  That place is Princesse Tam-Tam - by Allure at the Royal
Hawaiian Center.  The collection is truly unique not only in Hawaii, but globally in that you
will find a wide collection of brands here that are rarely or ever together in any other single
boutique anywhere.  Please take a brief tour of our collection.
We are very proud to feature many world renown lines as the center piece of our
collection.  But making us special is the array of superb lines gathered together in the
supporting collection.   The finest lines from France, Italy, Spain, Canada, South and
Central America, Australia and New Zealand - and of course the United States can all be
found here.  You will find superb quality at a surprisingly low price, and world-class lines all
the way to the most aspirational lines of luxury lingerie at the higher end.  No matter the
price, be assured that it is priced at or below the suggested retail for such pieces even in
the country of origin.  

The lingerie "reveiw" above is a representative glimpse at the styles, types and brands that
we carry.  It is up to date, but can't possibly be current here as the in-store collection
chages almost every day.  The What's New page will highlight some of the more significant
new items and you can check the Mail Order page or send an e-mail if you see somenting
there and want to see if it available for mail order.  But, if you like what you see here, you
will find it or somehtning just like it in the store.  Come on in and check it out for yourself.  
Please wait a moment for the slide show to begin... it will be worth the wait.